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WeMine was born in 2014 as a brand under RollAngle in light of a growing trend of using instant messaging app (chat-app) as a tool for marketing and enhancing interaction with customers. At the very beginning WeChat was exemplary in this regard and WeMine was among one of the pioneers who blazed the trail. In late 2015 WeMine was spun off and became an independent company to address the growing demand for marketing automation and experience enhancement on WeChat, and with its dedication and focus in this expertise, it was named as one of the hottest start-ups in the industry.


Since then, other chat-app platforms started to open up development capabilities and enriched functionalities, confirming WeMine’s foresight that chat-app would become the next trend for digital marketing. Albeit silence in the market, WeMine then dedicated many resources to offer services and products to cater for other trending chat-app platforms, and developed new tools and systems to transform them into innovative facilities and help uplift industry practices to better marketing activities with data-driven approach.


Our name “We” “Mine” speaks for our mission. We take both ends of communication at the centre of our innovation, putting the benefits and experience of “We” at the core, and “Mine” the value of existing and future chat-app platforms, be it the innovative use of data or the extension of functionalities that help advance user experience. At WeMine, we help both organizations and end users unleash the hidden value and vast possibilities of the chat-app ecosystems, and build applications and systems around them to transcend “Efficiency, Effectiveness, Exclusivity, Experience” to a new level.