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WeMine’s Tetralogy of Es

Technology evolves but philosophy and value persists. At WeMine, while we continuously innovate new products and services to cope with the advancing world, we have defined “Tetralogy of Es” which encompass the core eternal values that WeMine strives to deliver:

Efficiency. ●

Time is precious and the attention span of people tends to shrink over time. We combine technology, design and data to minimize the steps required and optimize flows for applications and marketing campaigns, releasing time of both consumers and business professionals for other meaningful purposes.

Effectiveness. ●●

While efficiency is good, it could be meaningless or  even detrimental if it doesn’t lead to the intended effect. Getting a LIKE on social media is easy, but not so much to earn a true like from customers. We combine big data (the science) and craftsmanship (the art) to design systems and campaigns that reach the right audience with the right content that touches their minds.

Exclusivity. ●●●

Everyone wants to be unique, even though they sometimes like following trends. To offer everyone an exclusive experience and to achieve that in scale, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as big data and machine learning to identify personal preferences and particulars with automation, offering personalized message and experience through the appropriate channel.

Experience. ●●●●

Technology is a means, not a goal. As a technology company, we are highly aware that there at times adding the use of technology brings no enhancement to experience. Our team puts delivering the best possible experience to the audience the top priority when we design our solutions. Ultimately, all we want to make out of technology and creativity is the enhanced quality of life.