Our Services

Channel Activation

Setting up a chat-app account is not as easy as it seems. It takes creative skills to build a welcoming and impactful presence.

Especially for WeChat, if the account type and name are not carefully selected, there’s no way back but creating a new account all over again…

Content Marketing

Before tech comes in play, we help craft your story in a compelling way. Driven by creative strategy and available data, we curate your social media content plan based on your objectives.

Our sister marketing agency – RollAngle – will tell your story right.

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WM:Suite Deployment

Depending on your objectives, we help deploy the right features from WM:Suite for your chat-app.

Bespoke Tech Solutions Development

The opportunities on chat app(s) nowadays are limitless.

With the available APIs, we develop bespoke user-centric tech solutions, including mini programs, on top of the basis of We:Suite, centralizing all data in one place.

Product catalogue. e-Commerce and payment gateway

Mini games and interactive experiences

Data integration with 3rd Party system(s)


Additional Support

Additional support 1
01. China Website Performance Optimization

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether your website is running as quick and user-friendly in mainland China.

We help clients to diagnose overall website performance, including speed, user experience, SEO etc., identifying the underlying issues and improving the entire browsing experience.

Additional support 2
02. Cross-border payment Gateway

To make shopping easy for Chinese tourist, we also help install cross-border payment gateway for your online and offline stores. We support AliPay and WeChat Pay at the moment.

Additional support 3
03. Chat-App Stickers
Design and Logistics

Stickers is the new emoji on Chat-app. They don’t only help users to communicate in an engaging and playful way, they also speak your brand’s personality, enhancing brand presence in your fans’ daily lives.

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