Bespoke Tech Solutions

Social CRM and beyond

The opportunities on chat app(s) nowadays are limitless. With our user-centric approach, we help reimagine your business and customer experiences to satisfy unmet human needs. All bespoke solutions will automatically come with our WM:Suite features to centralize data for performance optimization.

__Common Solution Medium


Working in web server, web-app work in all chat-apps to achieve many tasks in life like web-mail, e-commerce, online banking for a more streamlined digital experience for consumers.


Exclusive to WeChat, Mini-Program works like a sub-applications within WeChat ecosystem to provide more complex features while it’s easier to access. WeChat user profile is also automatically integrated with mini-program.


Running directly on a mobile device, it doesn’t have to run with a web browser. It still allows the most complex features like AR and VR for a fully interactive and immersive customer experience. It enables chat-app log-in integration for data centralization.

__Bespoke Categories

E-Commerce & Product-related Experience

Whether it is a full-featured e-commerce platform with payment gateway integration or a partial pre-order system, product catalogue, or coupon distribution, we develop your unique product platform with your customers in mind to optimize user experience while boosting sales.

Booking & Related Management

For many customer-centric brands, appointment or event booking can be very specific and personalized. To bridge the gap between your brand promise and customer experience, we tailor booking solutions that is user-friendly and on-brand.

Mini Games & Interactive Experience

Digital user experience is commonly gamified nowadays to enhance user engagement. No matter the purpose is for brand/product awareness, campaign activation, learning or O2O, we curate a dynamic and immersive journey just for your customers.

Chat-bot Automation

To enhance your chat-app customer experience, chat-bot is one that you wouldn’t miss. Based on your business needs, we craft the conversation with your customer all powered by AI. It doesn’t only improve user experience but also help put forward product recommendations and campaign reminder that generate quality leads and ultimately boost sales.


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