To welcome the arrival of summer, Anna Sui created a ‘Fantasia Mermaid’ pop-up at Harbour City, Hong Kong, to introduce their perfume and beauty products of the Fantasia Mermaid collection. They engaged WeMine to create an interactive and user-friendly O2O digital solution to bring their online audiences to the pop-up.

Interactive Campaign Mini-site

To attract their online audiences to know more about the campaign, we designed an interactive mini-site with event introduction, experience zones layout, promotion sets introduction, gift with purchase announcement, product information and RSVP call-to-action.

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Free Perfume Sample Redemption

To highlight the perfume, Anna Sui also gave out free perfume sample at their stores for those who signed up online. In order to avoid crowded redemption on-site, we designed the booking system such that user can select more than 10 locations and multiple time slots to pick up the sample. Each location has a certain number of quota, so if it’s fully-booked, the system would recognize to avoid overbook situation.

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Integration with Facebook Messenger – WE:ACTIVATE

Upon successful registration via Facebook, participant would receive a confirmation message from Facebook Messenger instead of SMS as record. As they arrived the store or pop-up, they simply scanned the on-site QR code to verify registration then to complete the product redemption.

With the use of Facebook profile for RSVP, we were able to capture and bind their social data for future retargeting.

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The campaign was well-received with more than 2300+ customers signed up and about 10% redemption rate, successfully driving 220+ of people to the pop-up and stores.


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