To celebrate their limited Carlsberg Red Barley. Carlsberg was looking for a digital solution to engage their fans on Facebook and to allow them to sign up for their Premier League viewing event hassle-free.

Merging event registration with Facebook Messenger

Traditionally, digital event solution often involves email registration, SMS confirmation or event app, which requires tedious user flow and decentralized data collection. We wanted to centralize this process to one destination – Facebook – to create a seamless, user-friendly and engaging customer experience.

All-in-one solution – WM:ACTIVATE

With our WM:ACTIVATE platform module, instead of landing to a campaign website that could easily be quit by users, users were directed to Facebook Messenger to RSVP for the event. Such invitation link would stay on the chat-app as a reminder and future easy access. Not only the user can view the event information, they can also instantly sign up for a spot and receive confirmation and event reminder as multi-media message all on Facebook Messenger.

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Streamlined check-in and beer redemption experience

Signed up fans could check-in via scanning Facebook code onsite to confirm seat(s) at the bar. They were also eligible to redeem free beer upon same code scanning process to avoid duplicated redemption.

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  • Reached full RSVP capacity within 6 hours the invitation was released.
  • More than 470 people attended the event with above 90% attendance rate.

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