COSMOPROF Asia Hong Kong is a leading B2B international cosmetic trade show in Asia. They sought WeMine’s help to strengthen their event awareness and to drive APAC beauty sellers, buyers and beauty industry players attendance.

All-rounded Social Media Plan & Management

To appeal to different types of audiences from all over APAC, including both B2B and B2C customers, we created a 360 social media content plan, covering Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WeChat. With different strategic tactics on each channel, including paid ad management, we have reached more than 1.5million target audiences with over 15,000 increase in fans of all channels.

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WM:CORE – Advanced SCRM features on WeChat

As Mainland China is their key market, they have adopted WM:Core platform for 2 years consecutively to manage their WeChat official account, with the purpose of recruiting and engaging Chinese beauty exhibitors and visitors.

The platform has provided Cosmoprof the ability to segment the audience pool by exhibitors and visitors. That way we were able disseminate completely personalized content to this two distinct groups while using the same WeChat official account.

We were also able to run A/B testing on post content using the WM:Core to evaluate the effectiveness of different creative angles without wasting the broadcast quota set by WeChat.

With the personalized content strategy, we achieved an unprecedented fans growth of 631% increase in 2018 and a sustainably strong growth of 36.5% in 2019.

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Utilizing Template Message to boost event attendance

To further boost event attendance, we generated event reminder template message on WeChat to remind signed up participants to visit the event, again, without taking up the regular post broadcast quota, thanks to WM:Core.

The click rate was as high as 81%, compared to regular event industry post click rate of 2.6% provided by Weixin Host, showing the effectiveness of these types of reminder message.

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Bespoke Event Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

On top of content marketing and SCRM features, we also designed an exhibitor catalogue H5 and live event photo album on WeChat to allow visitors to locate the exact exhibitor booth and view live event photo as we took them at the event, instantly.

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