As part of ParticleX Accelerator portfolio, The Beaker is a high-quality coffee hub at Shenzhen’s “Silicon Valley” – the Shenzhen Software Industrial Base (軟件基地), providing free coffee for all ParticleX’s startup members. As the number of member increased, they were in need of a digital solution to streamline the coffee ordering process.

Tackling the pain points

As a community coffee bar at the tech hub, the Beaker faced the problem of handling a large volume of orders with traditional pen-and-paper ordering process. Not only the member had to wait for a long time, the café was packed with people waiting, compromising the experience for in-house customers who wanted to work or connect with each other.

In addition, with the large amount of people, it became tedious for The Beaker to verify the customer’s membership, which made over-giving free coffee inevitable.

Streamlining the ordering experience

To address these problems, The Beaker partnered with WeMine to develop a bespoke coffee ordering and pick-up system on WeChat.

Ordering The Beaker’s coffee has never been easier ever since. Instead of queueing for a free coffee, they could simply place the order on-the-go on The Beaker’s WeChat Official Account. Once the coffee is ready, a text notification would be pushed to the member to pick up, saving their time significantly.

As the whole process takes place on WeChat, the system could easily verify the user’s membership through the binding of their WeChat account.

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Share the coffee joy in clicks

For non-ParticleX member, it is not impossible to try Beaker’s Coffee. The same system allows members to share a WeChat coffee redemption coupon to their guests to order coffee at The Beaker as well, because who doesn’t want free coffee?

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Driving real business efficiency

The value of ordering system doesn’t just stop at the customer end. By knowing the data of the volume and types of coffee ordered from each startup, The Beaker can make stock forecast and membership quota adjustment effortlessly, improving operational efficiency.

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  • With this new system in place, the Beaker is processing over 1100 orders monthly, XX times before the system was in place, creating a much bigger and tighter coffee family at the startup accelerator zone.


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